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Collaborating Across Disciplines and Sectors for Greater Sustainability Impact

When it comes to sustainability challenges, time may not be on our side, but some of the world’s foremost experts are.

To date, more than 500 faculty have been designated Cornell Atkinson Faculty Fellows for their commitment to forming partnerships, both inside and outside the university, to create scalable, lasting impact. From research on engineering microorganisms to testifying before Congressional committees, the curiosity and insight of Faculty Fellows is a common thread of innovation across many cutting-edge programs at Cornell.

“A chance meeting through Cornell Atkinson in Ithaca is leading to safer beef production and healthier wildlife in southern Africa.”
Steve Osofsky
Jay Hyman Professor of Wildlife Health and Health Policy

University faculty are encouraged to participate in Cornell Atkinson working groups that support interdisciplinary breakthroughs in six areas: food security, climate risk, energy transitions, health, water pollution, and conservation finance. These teams connect Cornell scholars and leaders from think tanks, for-profit corporations, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) for more efficient discovery and implementation of sustainability solutions.

Faculty are also eligible to apply for grants and fellowships that foster cross-campus collaboration, transformative research, and strategic partnerships with off-campus organizations.

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