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Topical Lunches

Sustainability Leadership Event

Carpenter-Everett Family Topical Lunches

A popular Atkinson Center program, Topical Lunches bring together faculty and researchers from across campus in an informal setting to discuss coordinating major grants, to “test the waters” for future collaborations, to introduce new faculty to the sustainability community, and to explore emerging concepts with diverse faculty audiences. A key strength of Topical Lunches is the kind of unconstrained dialogue among faculty that leads to rich and wide-ranging discussions.

Topical lunches are also used to engage visiting scholars or guests in a less formal setting to allow for a free flow of conversation.

Email to organize or RSVP for a lunch.

Our Topical Lunch program is sponsored by a generous gift from the Carpenter-Everett Family.

Topical Lunches by Year

Sep 16
Jul 27
Climate and Ag/Working Lands
Organizer: Patrick Beary, Cynthia Mathys, Steven Wolf
Nov 6
Walmart’s Sustainability Goals
Organizer: Patrick Beary, Megan Dillinger
Oct 21
Meeting with Commissioner John Howard
Organizer: Lindsay Anderson, Charles Kruzansky, Max Zhang
Oct 3
Upcycling Food Waste
Organizer: Lori Leonard, Ruth Richardson
Jun 21
Apr 26
Nov 10
May 5
Forming Successful Academic-Practitioner Collaborations
Organizer: Adam Levine
(Follow Up Report)
Oct 4
FHI 360
Organizer: Alex Travis
Oct 10
Apr 16
Working Together in Shale Gas Policy
Organizer: Todd Cowen, Christine Shoemaker
Nov 20
Shale Gas Emissions
Organizer: Jeff Tester, Todd Cowen
Nov 18
Mining and Sustainability
Organizer: Wendy Wolford, John F. Thompson
May 14
The Science of Science Communication
Organizer: Lauren Chambliss
(Follow Up Report)
May 8
Apr 8
Communicating Climate Change: A Moviemaker’s Perspective
Organizer: Lauren Chambliss, Frank DiSalvo
(Follow Up Report)
Apr 4
The Future of Fracking
Organizer: Lauren Chambliss, Jefferson Tester
(Follow Up Report)
Mar 21
Sep 24
Andy Revkin: A Conversation on the Public Face of University Climate and Energy Research (Invitation Only)
Organizer: Paula Euvrard
(Follow Up Report)
Sep 5
Apr 7
Ramachandra Guha: The Indian Road to Sustainability (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs,
Mar 3
NSF Science and Technology Center on Biodiversity Proposal
Organizer: Alex Travis, Kelly Zamudio
(Follow Up Report)
Nov 30
CSC Proposal Development
Organizer: Art DeGaetano, David Wolfe, Bill Fisher
Oct 15
Sustainable Ocean Systems
Organizer: Chuck Greene, Drew Harvell
Mar 4
Organizer: Warren Allmon, David Wolfe
(Follow Up Report)
Dec 3
Jun 4
Organizer: Michael Milgroom, Rebecca Nelson
(Follow Up Report)
Nov 17
The Ultimate Environmental Discipline? Exploring the Geographical Imagination at a University with No Geography Department (CREST*)
Organizer: Jeremy Foster, Wendy Wolford
Nov 14
David Cleary, The Nature Conservancy
Organizer: Alex Travis, Wendy Wolford
Nov 18
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Nov 10
Discussion of the Pope’s Recent Encyclical on Climate Change (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Oct 16
Climate Changed: A Personal Journey through the Science (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Oct 1
Environmental Photojournalist Gary Braasch (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Jun 1
Dairy Industry Challenges and Opportunities
Organizer: Frank DiSalvo, Kathryn Boor
Apr 29
Sustainability Curricula: What Is To Be Done?
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Mar 22
Climate Change Comedy Hour (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Feb 23
Fragile Legacy – Film Screening & Discussion (CREST*)
Organizer: Aaron Sachs
Feb 19
Nature, Health, and Big Data
Organizer: Steven Osofsky

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