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Katherine Bunting-Howarth

Attending Week 1

Katherine (Kathy) Bunting-Howarth is Associate Director of the New York Sea Grant and Assistant Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension. Her expertise is in coastal management and policy, community engagement, and using social science to inform extension programming. She serves on multiple boards and committees including the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARACOOS), Executive Council of the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay, New York Water Resource Institute, Great Lakes Basin Advisory Council, Cornell Biological Field Station and the Chesapeake Bay Program Science and Technical Advisory Committee. She enjoys working with diverse groups of people to address wicked problems-from changing lake ecosystems to estuarine eutrophication to equitable climate adaptation. Most recently, she has led two regional workshops on climate-induced human migration and completed a pilot study on the social impacts of nuisance flooding in New York City neighborhoods. The former Director of Water Resources for the state of Delaware, Kathy served in leadership roles for two National Estuary Programs as well as the Chesapeake Bay Program and the Delaware River Basin Program.   Bunting-Howarth holds a Ph.D. in Marine Studies (concentration in Marine Policy) (University of Delaware, 2001) and a JD with a certificate in Environment and Natural Resource Law (University of Oregon, 1995).

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