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Sustainability Leadership Program

Training for Sustainability Impact

Training for Sustainability Impact

The Sustainability Leadership Program helps Cornell Atkinson and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) postdocs develop into leaders who prioritize listening, responsivity, respect, and equality in their research and collaborations with government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), private-sector organizations, and communities. Designed in partnership with EDF, the program helps sustainability scholars develop essential skills in interdisciplinary, cross-sector, and community collaboration as well as science communication, policy development, career design, and leadership.

“Researchers working on sustainability are aware of the urgent challenges facing us globally, but they face a number of institutional barriers when attempting to design, implement, and report research for both the academic and nonacademic worlds. Taking knowledge to action effectively requires a range of skills in the areas of collaboration across disciplines and sectors.”
David Lodge
The Francis J. DiSalvo Director of Cornell Atkinson

Starting in 2019, a Sustainability Leadership certificate will be awarded to those who complete the program. Planned workshop topics include leadership for a sustainable future, pathways to impact, collaboration, career design, and science communication skills, such as reaching skeptical audiences and presenting complex information. Select workshops are also open to graduate students, postdocs from other programs, and recent Cornell alumni who have been involved with Atkinson-supported research projects.

Primary Research Areas:

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