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Opening the Door to Nature-Based Engagement
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2018: Opening the Door to Nature-Based Engagement

Young people today show greater rates of stress and anxiety, a trend that coincides with a growing recognition of the threats to the natural environment. Employing a One Health approach, researchers will examine how curricular programing that provides students more time in nature can lead to healthier populations and environments. The project will specifically focus on elementary schools serving low-income communities in urban and rural areas, and will identify curricular best practices and generate data to inform programs and state policy for long-term social and environmental impact.

[This project is partly sponsored by Cornell’s Master of Public Health (MPH) program, an interdisciplinary program using a One Health approach.]

[This project received an Engaged Cornell supplemental grant.]

Investigators: Gen MeredithDonald RakowNancy WellsJanis Whitlock, Monika Safford (Weill), Samantha Hillson (Tompkins County)

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