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Community health workers in India | provided by Aditya Vashistha
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2023: Combating Health Misinformation in At-Risk Low-Income Communities

The dramatic surge of online health misinformation has resulted in increased stress and reduced quality of care by community health workers (CHWs) in at-risk low-income communities.  This project aims to make community health programs more sustainable and resilient by giving CHWs appropriate training and tools to identify and respond to health misinformation. Through direct stakeholder engagement and strong partnerships with practitioners, the team’s multidisciplinary research agenda will: (1) examine how CHWs identify and contest health misinformation, (2) design tools that help CHWs to improve fact-checking and communication skills, and (3) evaluate the efficacy of these tools in improving outcomes for CHWs.

Investigators: Aditya Vashistha, Sarah Giroux, and Mor Naaman (Cornell Tech/Information Science)

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