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2022: Accelerating Offshore Wind Energy

Massive upscaling of wind turbine deployments offshore is critical to achieving global and national goals to decarbonize the electricity supply. The excellent wind resource and proximity to large markets along the U.S. east coast mean it is the focus of America’s first-phase offshore wind projects. Thousands of physically larger and higher-capacity wind turbines will be deployed over areas of unprecedented scale.

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers will develop and apply a new model tool to generate the knowledge necessary to ensure these new generations of wind farms are optimally designed to harness offshore wind resources in a manner that maximizes electricity production and minimizes the levelized cost of energy. This project will accelerate the energy transition while also training the next generation of engineers, physical scientists, and economists.

Investigators: Sara Pryor, Lindsay Anderson, Rebecca Barthelmie, Maha Haji, and Bruce Monger

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