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2021: Accelerating Agroforestry for a Healthy Planet

Haiti is one of the most vulnerable island countries to climate change, with prevalent extreme poverty particularly in rural areas, land degradation due to deforestation, and high incidences of extreme weather events. Researchers will partner with NGOs to build a community-centered model for agroforestry that quantifies the economic and public health benefits of adopting a climate-resilient approach at a national level. A planetary health lens to engage stakeholders is needed to achieve human health and well-being outcomes while paying attention to sustainable political, economic, and social investments and processes. The results aim to provide advanced spatial models for targeting and implementing agroforestry in Haitian communities. This research will be the first empirical study to investigate community well-being and implement carbon-quantification tools to assess how community-based agroforestry can support public health and food security in all of Haiti.

Investigators: Shorna AllredGen MeredithStephen Morreale

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